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Drug Screening Tests and Their Shortfalls

In our society today, drug screening is not a new or rare thing. Several reasons are behind this increase. The cost of these tests is far less cheaper than in the past. A urine dipstick is the only requirement for these tests.However, tests of confirmation are also available. The confirmatory tests are quite complex.There is also another reason for the increased drug screening is the parallel objectives of employers and requirements for industries to screen out abusers before employing them. Having a drug free environment is something employers strive to have.

The medical environment has seen an increased frequency of use of medical screening.When there is an emergency presentation of trauma, drug screening is always ordered. Those who bear the brunt for this are teenagers and adolescents. Patients who are being followed for treatment by medical practitioners may be required to be tested for drug addiction.Worth noting is the fact that the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a policy statement barring in-home or school drug screening.They prefer that the National drug testing be done since it is more reliable and proper caused.They see any home or school drug screening as a threat to parent-child and teacher-child relationships rather than usefulness in obtaining useful information for drug intervention.

Law enforcement officers benefit greatly from drug screening.This normally happens after an accident. Such efforts seek to see if the driver was drug while driving.

Academic and professional sports also conduct drug screening. Doping is becoming commonplace.Stimulants are also being used extensively. Drug abuse is tested for all participants and winners in the Olympics.

In the insurance industry, drug screening is common.To this industry, drug screening provides very useful information before assuming liability. The calculation of risks in the industry also relies heavily on drug screening. Drug abusers pose a greater risk to insurance companies.

The sources of drug screening are the hair, saliva, sweat, the blood and also the urine. Urine is the most preferred.

It is known the number of hours that any drug can be detected from a urine test.This ranges from 2 hours to eight days, depending on the drug.Some drug users try to beat the tests and some fail due to lack of proper knowledge on the length their specific drug takes in the body.It therefore may be necessary for drug abusers to consider their specific drug and decide if they know how long it stays in the bloodstream. The commercial products meant to confuse the results are not accurate.

If one is in pursuit of employment, it serves them well not to use drugs, days before the interview.That is the only sure way of staying safe. Non-drug abusers will get the best jobs.

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