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A Quick Guide to Choosing Basketball Shoes

If you are looking to take your game to the next level, you need to purchase the right basketball shoes that will provide you with comfort throughout the season. The following are tips for selecting the best basketball shoes.

Knowing your playing style is important when you are making your selection of basketball shoes. For power-players and post players, heavy basketball shoes that offer maximum stability and cushion would be a good match. All-round players require basketball shoes that have moderate cushioning and support and it should be lightweight. Lastly, fast players require basketball shoes that are lightweight to offer more flexibility and with moderate cushioning and support.

Selecting the right construction of basketball shoe is also an important consideration as they are available in high-top, middle-top and low-top styles. It is crucial to choose a shoe cut that will give you the protection needed when you are playing. The high-top basketball shoes are popular among all-round and power players because they offer more ankle support and stability. The mid-top shoe does not have an all-enclosing design to provide medium ankle support and allow flexibility in all-round players. Finally, the low-top shoes have little ankle support and are lighter and popular among quick players.

Always pay attention to the material used in the basketball shoe brand that you are considering. The shoes are created from various materials such as leather, synthetic leather and canvas. Synthetic material is durable and can withstand damage making it popular among most aggressive power players. Hence, your choice of material will determine how long the shoe is going to last.

When buying your basketball shoes, you want to make sure you select the right fit. Basketball is a high impact game and involves a lot of movement, hence, you need to look for comfort when you are choosing your basketball shoes. Look for stores that offer measuring services to get an idea of the right length and width for your shoe. It is advisable to take the measurements before buying because the size of basketball shoes can depend with the manufacturer. Similarly, pay attention to the cushion of the shoe because it plays a major part in ensuring that it is comfortable. You can either choose an air-based cushioning or foam cushion.

Come up with a budget so you can choose a shoe that falls within your price range. However, you do not want to compromise quality, durability, more support and better performance for price. Also, ensure that you purchase from an online store with good reputation and a high rating. Besides, it’s advisable to shop in stores that have a return policy in case you do not like the shoe that they have shipped.

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